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Welcome speech
Digital transformation of Retail: business experience, cases, solutions, trends, limitations.

10:15–12:00 | Large assembly hall

Open discussion of issues of reducing administrative barriers for the development of the retail industry.
Analysis of the implemented solutions.
Digital experience of Russian and foreigner companies.
Global retail industry technology trends.
Future of E-commerce: key tech Innovations.
Store of the Future - prospects for the implementation in the retail chains of Russia.
Do stores are ready to become an innovative digital retailer?

Evtukhov V.L., Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation;
Klimenko G.S., Chairman of the Board of the Digital Economy Development Fund;
Ivashchenko A.A., co-director of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) "Neuronet";
Fabricio Granja, IT Director, X5 Retail Group;
Sergeev S., Information Technology Director M.Video;
Pokida A.N., Director of the Center for Social and Political Monitoring of the Institute of Social Sciences, RANEPA;
Julien Nicolas - Innovation Project Manager, Leroy Merlin;

Coffee - Break
II. Artificial Intelligence in Retail

12:30–14:00 | Large assembly hall

Artificial Intelligence Methods and Applications.
Machine learning.
VR & AR.
Robotic process automation.
Computer vision.
Smart mirrors and virtual fitting rooms.
Assortment management.
World's best practice of using artificial intelligence.
Forecasts how AI will change the face of retailers in the near future.

Porubov V. - Head of "Strategy and Innovation" department of IT directorate X5 Retail Group;
Jamalov E. - Head of Innovations, processes, procurement in IT "M.Video";
Mazurkevich A. - Manager of electronic merchandising "Leroy Merlin";
Ivanova D. - Commercial Director "Svyaznoy:;
Lukanin V. - Executive Vice President "Euroset";
Zhukov A. - Director of the Retail Sector, SAP CIS;
Zaitsev A. - international director for strategic development, Raison Ai;

III. Neural Networks

12:30–14:00 | Hall № 2

Neural networks for retail industry.
Sales management.
Predicting sales revenue
Construction work schedule.
Development of a loyalty system.

Arkhipenkov M. - Project Manager "ST SmartMerch";
Klochkov N. - Technical Expert "Interactive Multimedia Solutions";
Lyubimov A. - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Consortium "3i Technologies";
Zubkova A. - chatbot platform "INF.AI";
Repin R. - Executive Director "MillionAgents";
Slepkov P. - Head of FMCG and Retail Practices "Paper Planes";
Korobchenko D. - Deep Learning Engineer "NVIDIA Corporation";

IV. A Stock Keeping Unit in Retail.

12:30–14:00 | Hall №2

SKU as the basis of assortment policy.
SKU in financial and warehouse accounting.
SKU in planning.

Chernyavsky L. - Director of Innovative Projects Development "RAMAX International";
Lutfullina V. - Head of Big Data department "Leroy Merlin";

V. BIG DATA in Retail.

14:00–15:30 | Large assembly hall

Customer profiling.
Performing customer behavior analysis
Operation's optimization.
Effective Marketing with Big Data to improve marketing campaign performance.
Potential customers targeting.
Data procurement.
Problems and bounders of Big Data technologies implementation in Russia.

Shekhterman I. - Executive Director "X5 Retail group";
Gorokhov E. - Executive Director "Stack Group";
Saginov V. - independent expert in the field of digital economy and big data, ex-creator; and the head of big data at MTS;
Samohodkin K. - Yode Group Digital;
Vl. Supply chain management

14:00–15:30 | Hall №1

Digitization of logistic and supply chain management.
Track-and-trace technologies .
RFID, Bluetooth, and 3D printers .
Industry 4.0 vision.

Goncharova A. - Director of Supply Chain Management from suppliers "Leroy Merlin";
Ivanova I. - Operations Director "M.Video";
Vll. Internet of Things investments

14:00–15:30 | Hall №2

The Internet of Things in the retail industry - evolutions and use.
Internet of Things – Venture Scanner Insights
Pilot with retail corporations: how to sell a new solution to large businesses.
Cases of successful pilot retail - startups.

Goudov A. - Head of the investment department "M.Video-Eldorado" group;
Khorin R. - IoT, SAP Innovation;
Vinogradov K. - Senior Investment Manager at the International Venture Fund "Runa Capital";
Coffee - break
Vlll. Online VS Offline

16:00–17:30 | Large assembly hall

High demand technologies, services and innovations in Russian e-commerce?
Future of online stores - what will change in the nearest 5 years?
What are the factors which influence a buyer's purchasing decision?

Vasiliev D. - e-commerce director "X5 Retail Group";
Krivosheeva I. - general Director "Alfa Capital";
Medvedev D. - marketing Director "Perekrestok";
Chechin A. - new projects Director "Leroy Merlin";
Dovladbegyan L. - online store Director "220 Volt";
Manukyan A. - Project Manager digital services development "Expocentre";
Laskova E. - Head of the strategic partnership "Yandex.Cashi";
lX. SMART contracts

16:00–17:30 | Hall №1

Smart contracts in retail.
Advantages and disadvantages of using smart contracts.
Potential of the Russian market for the introduction of smart contracts.

Varlamov K. - founder and blockchain-architect "OnGrid";
Zaitsev A. - international director for strategic development, Raison Ai;
Berezin M. - director of cloud services development "Krok";
X. Digital Marketing

16:00–17:30 | Hall №2

Mobile marketing.
Mobile advertising.
Way of usage mobile advertising and applications.
Innovative approach in marketing.
World practice.

Rybin A. - head mobile applications development and support "M.Video";
Abaev B. - co-founder "Rocket10";
Mandrik R. - founder of the "Skill Cup";
Povolotsky R. - founder / owner in "CyberRussia.rf";

Coffee - break
Pitch session: presentation of retail digital solutions
18:00–20:00 | Hall № 2

Innovative retail technology.
‣ Artificial Intelligence
‣ IoT
‣ Big Data
‣ IT platforms
‣ Mobile applications

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