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Welcome speech
Digital transformation of Retail: business experience, cases, solutions, trends, limitations.

10:15–12:00 | Large assembly hall

Internet and customer expectations force retailers to revise their services not only in terms of convenience and speed, but also customer involvement and interest. At the plenary meeting, the following questions will be addressed:

What is meant by the transformation of retail and who needs it?
Analysis of the implemented solutions and cases.
Global trends in the development of the IT industry for the retail industry.
Key trends and technological innovations in offline and online retail.
Reducing administrative barriers to the development of the retail industry.
Prospects for the introduction of the Store of the Future technology into the retail chains in Russia
Readiness of stores for innovative solutions.
How to survive using new technologies to improve customer service and work efficiency?


Coffee - Break
II. Artificial Intelligence in Retail

12:30–14:00 | Large assembly hall

Artificial intelligence in retail is already fully used, starting with the assembly and transportation of goods and ending with communication with customers after the acquisition.

What applications of artificial intelligence will play a role in automation and promotion of the retail process?
What innovations are awaiting this area, and what can be used right now in order to beat our competitors?
Methods of using artificial intelligence.
Machine learning.
VR & AR.
Robotic omnicanality.
Computer vision.
Smart mirrors and virtual fitting rooms.
Assortment management.
Foreign practice of using artificial intelligence by western retailers.
Forecasts how AI will change the face of retailers in the near future.


III. Supply Chain Management and Stock Keeping Unit.

12:30–14:00 | Hall №2

For retails in the assortment of which are tens of thousands of assortment positions (SKU) - supply management and maintaining stocks at the required level is a complex logistical challenge.

Why new technologies can play a key role in assortment planning?
How does "Digitalization" change the channels of movement of goods, delivery formats and management processes?
What is the importance of managing SKU in financial and inventory accounting?
Which technologies that can be applied now to improve the competitiveness and profits of the organization.
Digitalization of logistics and supply chains.
Technology track - n - trace.
RFID, Bluetooth, and 3D printers.
Industry 4.0 vision.
SKU as the basis of assortment policy.
SKU in financial and warehouse accounting.
SKU in planning.


IV. BIG DATA in Retail.

14:00–15:30 | Large assembly hall

Big Data is one of the most sought-after tools in retail. In the digital world, big data is everywhere, and virtually all shoppers leave some kind of digital footprint.

Possibilities of using BIG DATA in retail.
Real IT solutions using big data.
Examples of integration of BIG DATA in retail networks.
Legal risks when using BIG DATA.
Challenges of big data processing: solutions.
Customer profiling.
Analysis of customer behavior.
Optimization of operating activities.
Improving the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
Targeting potential customers.
Procurement planning
Problems of development of the direction of big data in the Russian retail.


V. Internet of Things investments

14:00–15:30 | Hall №2

IoT is changing many aspects of the retail sector - from customer experience to supply chain management. At the moment, the technology of the Internet of Things is already being used by more than 50% of large retailers around the world.

Opportunities and benefits of the Internet of Things technology in retail.
How successful is IoT in retail?
What tasks solves IoT in retail.
IoT market through the eyes of a venture investor.
Pilot with retail corporations: how to sell a new solution to large businesses.
Cases successful pilot retail - startups.


Coffee - break
Vl. Online VS Offline

16:00–17:30 | Large assembly hall

The e-commerce niche is growing rapidly. Very often, online sales growth is ahead of offline sales, which makes many retailers think about whether the future of retail will be online or offline.

Which technologies, services and innovations are in the most demand in Russian e-commerce?
How will the familiar online store develop and remain as we know it in the next 5 years?
What influences the buyer's choice today?


VII. Digital Marketing

16:00–17:30 | Hall №2

Digital marketing - is a system of building communications with consumers using digital channels of information - smartphones, tablets, TV, Digital signage, etc.

Mobile marketing.
Mobile advertising.
Possibilities of mobile advertising and applications.
Innovative approach to marketing.
World practice.


Coffee - break
Pitch Session: Presentation of Digital Retail Solutions
18:00–20:00 | Hall № 2

The best Russian projects will present their solutions based on end-to-end technologies for digitalization of the retail industry, including:

  • Robots packers / warehouse robots / promorobots / basket robot;
  • Personnel training systems;
  • Systems for marketing research;
  • Solutions for the automation of logistics processes;
  • Content management platform and others.


‣ Artificial Intelligence
‣ IoT
‣ Big Data
‣ IT platforms
‣ Mobile applications

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