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I. Digitizing of construction in the sphere of national program "digital economics"

10:15–12:00 | Main hall

Necessity of legal corrections in BIM technology adoption.
Adaptation of international standards.
Transformational demands for digitizing construction industry.
Governmental decisions for changes of technologies.
Global trends in the development of the IT industry for the construction industry and the global practice of interaction between government authorities and project implementers in BIM;


Volkov D.A.. Deputy Minister of construction, housing and utilities of the Russian Federation;
Goncharov S.А., Deputy Director of the Department of construction and architecture of the Ministry of construction, housing and utilities of the Russian Federation;
Klimenko G.S., Chairman of the Board of Digital economy development fund;
Chereshnev М.А., Chairman of the Directional Board of the Russian Trade and Economic Development Council;
Shubin I.V., Director of the NIISF;
Basov А.V., Head of Federal center for rationing, standardization and technical conformity assessment in the building sphere
Manin P.А., Technical Director of Autodesk by Russia and CIS regional;
Dubovitzki N.А, Director-General of Bentley Systems;
Manilov I.Е., Chief Executive of Federal autonomous institution «Glavgosexpertiza of Russia»;
Kuzmin А.V., President of Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences;
Matveev М.V., Chief Expert on a digital transformation of the Bank "VTB 24";
Zikova N.N., Deputy director, Directorate General for architecture and construction.
II. Informational modeling in project management
12:30–14:00 | Main hall
Problem formulation with using II, IOT, VR/AR, robototronics, drones.
Informational modeling in project management.
International leadership as a way to exchange information.
Mutual approval of digital and phisic infrastructure assets.
Appliance of mobile apps to control stages of work.
Digital information modeling technologies for the formation of state information resources to ensure the implementation of urban planning programs and projects
Investment - construction engineering.
Features of the introduction of BIM in the organization.
Russian buildingSMART.
The development of BIM technologies and new opportunities for the developer

III. Digital technologies in construction control and management of the quality of construction
12:30–14:00 | Small hall
Big data in construction - economic effect.
Reducing of approval terms.
Implementation of electronic docflow.
Control with the help of digital solutions: cameras, quadcopters.
New paradigm of financing development projects: interaction with banks using BIM technologies.

Round table of state representatives, constructors, creators

IV. BIM at all stages of life cycle of construction

15:00–16:30 | Main hall
3D modeling and automate projecting.
Management of engineering data and life cycle of an item.
Projecting of technical processes, project documentation.
Digital construction: implementation practice and development prospects.
Russian and international experience of information modeling at all stages of the life cycle of capital construction objects.
Software for information modeling in urban planning.
Information modeling and "smart" city.
Project Management in Urban Planning.
International legal base, licences, informational security and other legal aspects as a key to qualified implementation of digital solutions.

V. Digitizing of real estate as a way for growth of sales
15:00–16:30 | Small hall
VR, AR and neuromarketing technologies as a way to increase sales .
Influence on consumer on construction process .
Autonomous intellect: decision-making process without human.
Electronic realtor .

VI. Modification of engineering education

17:00–18:30 | Small hall
Perspectives of the development of engineering education in view of new digital demands.
Leading programs of digital engineering.
Necessary competences CDO.
Necessary competences CDO.
BIM-manager as a profession of the future.
Formation of key competencies of managers and urban planning specialists.

VII. Course of digitizing of the system of pricing and budget rating in construction

17:00–18:30 | Main hall
Legal regulation.
Standardisation and unification of processes.
Reducing off expenses of market participants.
Implementation of classificatory of constructive resources.

Pitch-session: presentation of digital constructive solutions

19:00–21:00 | Small hall

‣ IT platforms
‣ Mobile applications
‣ Construction Robots
‣ The use of drones in construction and industry
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